Friday’s Filters:Warm vs. Cold

Hey Guys!

I hope you have had a great week, and I hope you will have an even BETTER SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to lounge on the beach, and hang out with some friends over this break.

But lets go back to photography. Today I will be comparing two of the most popular filters around today. And what are those two filters called? Warm and Cold.

A warm filter gives a photo more contrast with more colors like Yellows and Oranges, because fire is Red, and fire is hot, the colors that look like red, like yellow and orange are considered warm colors. Here is an example of Warm (on the left) and Cold (on the right) in one picture:

Here you can see that the sky on the left is a lot more blue and green-ish because there is a cold filter overlay, and the sky on the right is yellow-ish because of the warm filter overlay.

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